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Our library of over 3000+ bloom-verified test questions are created with the same standards as the National Registry.

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You can review your test answers and view the rationale of the correct answer with tips for remembering them!

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Spring 2016 Updates! What's New?

  • New Responsive SITE! Use the entire site on your phone or tablet WITHOUT AN APP!
  • New User Dashboard!  Sexy new dashboard for managing your AEMT practice tests!
  • User Scores! Receive points & unlock achievements! Compete against your friends!
  • Support your School! Add your school's info and all class scores combine! Display your school proudly in our class leaderboard!
  • Logic update for the National Registry Simulator makes it even MORE accurate with SMARTER feedback!

Member Reviews

"I had already taken the NREMT exam once and was unsuccessful. I was so discouraged when I did not pass the first time and was looking desperately for a study aid when a friend recommended your website. MedicTests.com gave me all the tools and confidence I needed to PASS the second time. I would highly recommend this site! I can not thank you enough!!!"

- A. Williams NREMT-P

"Your website is GREAT! I recently took my national registry and like everyone I was very nervous. You website along with reading certain chapters in my book was the only study tools I used. Your online test stimulator is a great way to prepare. I highly recommend this site to everyone looking to pass their national. Thank you!"

- Ruben Ferrel NREMT-P

"I just want to say thank you again and tell you I have NEVER had such personal service from anyone like you...You Are One Of A Kind!!!!!"

- K. Wilson; EMT-B

" Your website is awesome! I became a member and took the national registry simulator many times along with your test and I have to say it helped me tremendously you guys guarantee members to pass the registry the first try and I did! Thank you very much your website is great and I will be recommending it to many others!"

- Austin Joseph DeWees NREMT-P


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