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Signs/Symptoms and Treatments - Rapid fire learning!

Quick and Dirty Guide to Acid-Base Balance

Quick and Dirty Guide to Memorizing the National Registry Medical Assessment

Quick and Dirty Guide to Hypothermia

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Diabetes

Emergency Room Lab Values Explained

6 Easy Steps to Accurately Interpret ABGs

The Blood Pressure Tells a Story

Quick and Dirty Guide to Calculating Liter Flow and FiO2

Cardiovascular Parameters of Blood Pressure and the ODC

Pathophysiology Lecture Bullets

Pathophysiology Key Terms and Definitions

What is Cushing Syndrome?

Two Fast & Basic Neurological Exams

BP and Hypertension Primer

Great youtube animation of Oxygen Transport and the ODC

Hypo/Hyperthermia Lecture Bullets

Infectious and Communicable Diseases Lecture Bullets

Sepsis Algorithm

Diabetic Emergencies: Hypoglycemia

Diabetic Emergencies: Hyperglycemia

Legionnaire's Disease

Diagnosing Acute Abdominal Pain

Thoracoabdominal Pump

The Bohr Effect

Guide to Allergic Reactions

The ABCs of Autism

Sudoriferous Glands

Vitreous Humor

The Pancreas

ICP and Cushing's Triad

Heat Emergencies

AAA Explained - Signs, symptoms and treatment

Fundamentals of Prehospital Overdose

Tips for Successful IV Access

GCS Scoring

Field Exam of the Eyes

Lower Extremity Pain

Foley Catheter Insertion

Diagram of all the Structures in the Neck

How to Remember the Pelvic Bones

Great video explaining simple tonicity in 5 minutes

Neurology Lecture Bullets

Cranial Nerve Neuro Assessment

Feelin’ the Pain

Hyperkalemia video A+

Acid-Base Balance Part 1

Acid-Base Balance Part 2

Acid-Base Balance Part 3

Krebs cycle visually

Video- Krebs cycle

Video - Electron transport chain

Krebs cycle entry on Wikipedia

Paramedic Terms Glossary (1,866 Terms)

All NREMT Paramedic Drugs - Flash Card Mode

Quick and Dirty Guide to Medical Math Module I: Conversions

Quick and Dirty Guide to Medical Math Module II: Weights and Concentrations

Understanding the Types of Drugs and What they Do

Common Drug Math for Medics

Printable Prehospital Drug List with all necessary info

Pharmacology Lecture Bullets

Pharmacology Study Summary Pharmacology-Only Test

Dopamine Drip Rate

Guide to Adrenergic Receptors

Drug Profile: Amiodarone

Drug Profile: Dopamine

Drug Profile: Vasopressin

Drug Profile: Aspirin

Drug Profile: Thiamine

Drug Profile: Midazolam

Drug Profile: Nalbuphine

Drug Profile: Methylprednisolone

Drug Profile: Lorazepam

Drug Profile: Ketorolac Tromethamine

Drug Profile: Oral Glucose

Drug Profile: Geodon

Drug Profile: Clonidine

Drug Profile: Bumetanide

Drug Profile: Atropine

Drug Profile: Epinephrine

Drug Profile: Haloperidol

Drug Profile: Lidocaine

Drug Profile: Diltiazem

Drug Profile: Naloxone

Drug Profile: Nitroglycerin

Drug Profile: Furosemide

Drug Profile: Racemic Epineprhine

Drug Profile: Dexamethasone

Drug Profile: Glucagon

Drug Profile: Calcium Chloride

Drug Profile: Albuterol

Drug Profile: Adenosine

Drug Profile: Digoxin

Drug Profile: Dextrose 50%

Drug Profile: Fentanyl

Drug Profile: Diltiazem Injectable

Drug Profile: Diphenhydramine

Drug Profile: Magnesium Sulfate

Drug Profile: Oxygen

Drug Profile: Oxytocin

Drug Profile: Promethazine

Drug Profile: Activated Charcoal

Drug Profile: Ipratropium

Drug Profile: Succinylcholine

Drug Profile: Vecuronium

Practical Skills Video – IV and Med Administration

Paramedic Terms Glossary (1,866 Terms)